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The Farsons Foundation brings best of Travel Photographer of the Year to St James Cavalier 8/31/2016

The Farsons Foundation brings best of Travel Photographer of the Year to St James Cavalier

A collection of stunning images from the international Travel Photographer of the Year awards (TPOTY) is being brought to Malta for the first time by The Farsons Foundation, and hosted at St James Cavalier in collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv. The exhibition is being held as part of the inaugural celebration of the new Beer Packaging Facility at the Farsons Brewery in Mriehel to be held in the coming days.

Eighty fascinating travel photographs, which go beyond the usual holiday pictures and pretty postcards, will be exhibited at the upper galleries Space C1-C4 in Spazju Kreattiv St James Cavalier, Valletta, from Friday 9th September until 9th October 2016. Patrick J. Fenech is the curator of the exhibition.

In addition to the TPOTY exhibition, The Farsons Foundation is showcasing key milestones in the creation and conservation of Simonds Farsons Cisk’s industrial buildings and heritage.  These include designs of  Farsons’ newly built €27 million Beer Packaging Facility (2016) designed by Farsons in-house architect Karl Borg; the €12.5 million Brewhouse (2012) designed by Architecture Project AP; and the Beer Process Building and Tank Farm (1990)  designed by UK architectural firm Peake Short and Partners.; as well as the re-adaptation of Farsons 1950’s buildings into a new Farsons Business Park (2017-2020) designed by the international firm of Ian Ritchie Architects Ltd with the support of TBA Periti.

“During the last 88 years, Farsons has built a tradition of investing in quality industrial buildings. At The Farsons Foundation, we embrace Farsons’ conservation initiatives and believe in its contribution to the economic and social development of Malta,” said Farsons Foundation Chairman Mr Bryan A. Gera.

“As part of the inauguration of the new Beer Packaging facility, The Farsons Foundation is bringing for the first time to Malta a stunning selection of the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition, showcasing the intriguing power and beauty of travel photography.  We are confident that the public will find this exhibition truly magical,” added Mr Gera.    

Over the years, TPOTY (tpoty.com) has grown into one of the largest and most prestigious, international travel photography competition. It has showcased thousands of beautiful, intriguing, moving and inspirational photographs covering every element of travel and related photographic genres. This retrospective, which is TPOTY’s first international show outside the UK, comprises 80 of the very best images from the past 13 years of TPOTY awards.

The TPOTY exhibition is held annually each summer in London, and the awards themselves attract many travel photographers, both amateurs and professionals, from across the globe, including Malta.  Each year, the awards showcase images of an exceptionally high standard and unique diversity, ranging from pictures of people, cultures, landscape to wildlife and adventure from around the world.

Commenting on the TPOTY exhibition in Malta, curator Patrick J. Fenech said: “We invite the public to take their time to read the photographs and understand their contextual meaning and also reflect on the photographer's skills of harnessing light and composing the right frame which bring out their creative skills and patience to capture the right moment.”