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Stories of Negroni: An event that tempted the senses 10/11/2023

Stories of Negroni: An event that tempted the senses

Since its creation in 1919, Campari has been the red heart and defining ingredient in the classic cocktail. The Negroni’s rise and popularity as the #1 bestselling classic cocktail worldwide wouldn’t have been possible without the limitless skill of bartenders sharing their talents across the globe.

Negroni Week was back for its 11th year running from 18 to 24 September. An international charitable initiative sponsored by Campari, Negroni Week aims to raise money for good causes while also bringing people together to celebrate this iconic cocktail.

On 19 September, the event, Stories of Negroni, brought enthusiasts together to experience a rich tapestry of flavours and fragrances. Held at the elegant Michelin Guide restaurant, Rosami at The Villa, located in picturesque Balluta, this sensory delight immersed all attendees in an indulgent palate journey.

The event kicked off with an aperitivo featuring three Campari-infused delights: Campari Spritz, Campari Tonic and the timeless classic, Negroni. Head Chef Cliff Borg skillfully crafted five memorable dishes, while Sommelier Brandon Kriel took centre stage, guiding patrons through the intricacies of each Negroni variation. He provided insights into the artistry accompanying the preparation of these exquisite cocktails, making “Stories of Negroni” an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

Sponsored by Farsons Beverage Imports Company Ltd. in collaboration with Campari.