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Rémy Martin launches new global brand website and engagement platform 2/2/2016

Rémy Martin launches new global brand website and engagement platform

Launched in October, the One Life/Live Them campaign is a celebration of the multifaceted personalities and Slash generation lifestyle, encouraging people to live richer, larger lives, to expand the horizon and seize all the opportunities that life can offer, beyond the one-dimensional paths that former generations could have embraced.

This vision is powerful, as it is now turning the Remy Martin Brand Website into a slashers’ personality. Moving away from rigid navigation and content hierarchy structures, the new Rémy Martin website connects all contents and puts the user in the driver seat, letting him/her navigate freely from one content to the next. The platform is an invitation to explore the different stories of the brand and to experience the brand idea. 

Instead of having a homepage with all contents compartmentalized, the website is aiming for a continuous flow of experiences leading seamlessly through all areas and topics of the site. Created with mobile users in mind, it structures the content in modular chains of story elements and teaser paragraphs that leads to the next story chain, composed vertically into scrollable, consistent pages. This way, the site offers a lively rhythm of connected global narratives and local contents. The story of VSOP is tied to that of the Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau, and a consumer reading about Rémy Martin’s extensive aging is enticed to continue its discovery with XO. Of course, the site displays today a special focus on the One Life /Live Them campaign, which will change in the coming weeks and months.

The new brand idea also expresses itself by giving people an opportunity to learn, to improve, to live their next slash. With the Mentorship Program ‘Circle of Centaurs’, Rémy Martin invites to reveal its consumers’ inner talents. Through a series of Mentor video sessions and the participating global social audience, people are being encouraged and enabled to develop further their passions. The Mentorship Program is both inspirational and participatory. It invites and challenges viewers to step beyond passive viewing and actively engage the content by participating in the tasks.

It is also building a community: A group of people who are interested in personal growth, in sharing inspirations and experiences of living your next slash and in a contemporary interpretation of luxury.

“It was absolutely critical for us to bring to life our promising tagline One Life/Live Them in a way that would concretely expand people’s horizons”, says Augustin Depardon, Executive Director of Rémy Martin.

Discover the website on www.remymartin.com.