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Pepsi launches a bold new world of fizz 3/1/2021

Pepsi launches a bold new world of fizz

At a time when the world could use a little more fizz, Pepsi delivers in a highly entertaining new campaign that will cut across cultural playgrounds with the uncontainable fizz of the brand. From thumb-stopping social content to its latest UEFA Champions League Football campaign, FIZZ brings together the delicious taste of Pepsi with the passions of those who love drinking it.

A dynamic ‘PopFizzAhh’ film plays with the senses, challenging expectations of what cola looks, feels, and even sounds like. Pepsi enlisted British multi-hyphenate artist and comedian Michael Dapaah to bring the sounds of Pepsi to life for a modern soundscape for the brand, celebrating the Pops, Clinks, Fizz and Ahhhhs of the cola-drinking ritual in a bold way.

This year’s global football campaign in support of the UEFA Champions League partnership across Men’s and Women’s keeps the fizz going with energetic entertainment for fans around the world. Once again, Pepsi brings together an impressive line-up of the world’s best footballers, expanding its roster led by reigning GOAT Leo Messi and world champion Paul Pogba, with two new additions to the squad: Borussia Dortmund sensation Jadon Sancho, and UEFA Women’s Champions League winner Shanice van de Sanden.

The football effort is led by a high-energy film, “Fizz to Life”, that showcases epic football skills set to a custom music track created for the campaign, “Rotate”, by global superstar Becky G and two-time Grammy nominated Afro-fusion musician Burna Boy. The creative fizzes from beginning to end, showcasing how Pepsi football breaks the bubble of the 90-minute game. The ad opens with a student on her laptop. An infectious beat drops, and the cracking sound of an ice-cold can of Pepsi being opened awakens images of Messi, Pogba, Sancho and van de Sanden on the walls.  The chase for the fizzing can of Pepsi is on as the players show off their flair and charisma with fast-paced football skills, shuffling and dribbling while leaping in and out of posters and magazines around the room.

The commercial is directed by Raine Allen-Miller, a powerful new voice in filmmaking. For this collaboration with Pepsi, she incorporates her quick-fire storytelling style to show just how far the players will go for the Pepsi fizz. Allen-Miller explains: "It was an honour to work with some of the world’s biggest football talent and to be able to showcase the players’ unique personalities and passions in the film. I had a great time collaborating with Pepsi to create a visually compelling world for the film and tell this fast-paced and fun story – which I know both football and music fans are going to love!"

In addition to the hero creative, “Rotate” will be the soundtrack for an exciting array of digital content across multiple social platforms where fans will be able to interact with their favourite players like never before, including a world-first football challenge with TikTok Duet.

Leo Messi commented: “I am excited to once again be a part of the Pepsi football squad. This year has been so much fun to film; I know fans are going to love it.”

Paul Pogba commented: “It’s great to be back again for another year with Pepsi. This year is even bigger than before with epic football skills and mad tunes. I can’t wait for you all to see it!”

Shanice van de Sanden commented: “I’m thrilled to be part of the 2021 Pepsi football lineup. The creative is packed full of energy and includes a great mix of amazing football skills and music, which I absolutely love.”

Jadon Sancho commented: “I’ve loved filming with the Pepsi squad this year! I can’t wait for you guys to see what happens when you combine football skills with some crazy new beats. It definitely won’t disappoint.”

The FIZZ continues throughout the year in an entertaining, multi-touch-point creative campaign that highlights the hottest new music to the most memorable snacking and meal occasions. Over the coming months, content featuring Michael Dapaah and surprise appearances from the Pepsi roster of iconic athletes and artists will be rolled out, along with an expressive new typographical vision that makes your eyes ‘pop.’

“In 2021, we are celebrating unstoppable human spirit, not in spite of the times we’re in, but because this is a moment and no matter what, we need to keep moving forward with a smile,” said Natalia Filippociants, Vice President, Marketing, Global Beverages, PepsiCo. “From music to football, the new creative encourages the world to break free of conventions, expectations and the bubble of sameness that we often find ourselves in.”