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Join the Joy with Aperol Spritz 7/11/2022

Join the Joy with Aperol Spritz

Nate, Frank and Rossi, Malta’s renowned entertaining trio, visited Venice’s romantic city to enjoy the real Aperol Terrazza Experience in the traditional Venetian environment as part of the build-up of a unique summer campaign in Malta. Touring all the city’s historic locations, the Aperol Spritz brand ambassadors in Malta experienced the traditional Italian aperitivo’s genuine orange vibes via a range of guided activities.

Born in 1919 in Padova, just a stone’s throw away from Venice, Aperol’s orange joy has spread worldwide, growing into the Italian aperitivo heritage everybody knows today. The perfect infusion of herbs and roots in Aperol results in a simple balance of the vibrant, bittersweet taste enthusiasts have all grown to love in the past century.

Once again, Nate, Frank and Rossi are joining Aperol Spritz Malta as brand ambassadors for the summer. They are promoting the most astounding alcoholic beverage to complement spending quality time with friends, enjoying some Cicchetti and great culinary experiences in sweet togetherness. As part of the authentic Venetian adventure, Nate, Frank and Rossi visited the Terrazza Aperol to encounter the one-of-a-kind Aperol mood in its hometown.

“Designed after a traditional Venetian bar, or bacaro, Terrazza Aperol welcomed us with a genuine cosmopolitan feel. The vitality that vibrates in the inspirationally social environment here is accompanied by the most perfect Aperol Spritz in the globe. Naturally, the Cicchetti served here is absolutely exceptional,” said Frank Zammit.

For such a versatile and vibrant drink, the Aperol Spritz recipe is, in fact, as easy as one-two-three. “You only need a glass full of ice to start. Then you add three parts of Prosecco, two parts of Aperol, and one splash of soda. Last but not least comes my favourite ingredient: a slice of orange. This is how you create the perfect Aperol Spritz wherever you are,” said Valentina Rossi. 

Aperol Spritz traverses well beyond being a simple alcoholic beverage—it is a ritual. “A glass of Aperol Spritz lays the foundations for sharing a mix of experiences with your best friends in a special atmosphere of new togetherness. Wherever you are, the Aperol Spritz ritual will invoke the traditional, sassy spontaneity of Venice—the character we all love,” Nate Darmanin said.

Similarly to previous years, Nate, Frank and Rossi take part in a unique Aperol Spritz campaign in the island nation during the summer of 2022. Stay tuned for the memorable photos popping up across Malta and Gozo, both in the digital space and offline in various locations.

Aperol is imported, marketed and distributed by Farsons Beverage Imports Company (FBIC) Limited, a member of the Farsons Group.