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International Women’s Day celebrated at Farsons Group 3/11/2019

International Women’s Day celebrated at Farsons Group

To celebrate International Women’s Day, this year Farsons Group invited well-known and respected leader and business person, Helga Ellul for a discussion on leadership in practice.

All employees were invited to the session, during which Ms Ellul recounted how her career started and how she came to Malta in the 1970s to set up Playmobil Malta Limited. She told of her career progression and shared her experiences of being a leading business woman, a wife and a mother in Malta.

Helga Ellul was the Chief Executive Officer of Playmobil Malta Ltd, comprising Playmobil, HOB Software, and Importers and Distributors, till September 2012. The Group was originally set up in Malta in 1971 with some 50 employees and on her retirement employed over 1,000.  After her retirement from Playmobil Malta Ltd. she set up her own consultancy company, Advise Ltd., and is Board Member and Chairman of various Maltese businesses.

Ms Antoinette Caruana, Company Secretary and Group Human Resources Manager commented, “We are truly honoured that Ms Ellul accepted our invitation to be with us on this important day. Whilst we may debate the need for this day, the reality is that there is still a gap not only in the employment of women but also in their progression. The latter especially, is not only an issue in Malta but internationally. 

The Farsons Group recognises that the richness of diversity and the value of equality are key to a successful company. It seeks to ensure the utmost of all its human potential in its drive to achieve stringent and challenging objectives in an increasingly complex and competitive market. The session was truly interesting and inspiring for all those who attended.”

International Women's Day, commemorated annually on 8th March, celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.