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Farsons launches Gold Label Pale Ale to mark 90 years of brewing in Malta 5/28/2018

Farsons launches Gold Label Pale Ale to mark 90 years of brewing in Malta

Farsons Brewery has launched a new celebratory beer, Farsons Gold Label Pale Ale, to mark its 90 years of brewing in Malta. Appropriately named Gold Label, this beer commemorates the launch of Farsons’ first ever beer, Farsons Pale Ale, in 1928.

The latest addition to the Farsons Classic Brews range, Gold Label Pale Ale is an all-malt beer, brewed with two types of Pale Ale malt, with a golden amber colour and an alcoholic strength of 4.7%. The beer is fermented with top fermenting ale yeast, also used to brew other highly reputed Farsons ales.

Mr Eugenio Caruana, Chief Brewer at Farsons Brewery, explained, “A huge effort has gone into the selection process of the choicest hop varieties and ultimately we settled for a special blend of five different hops that together give this beer its characteristic and unique hoppy flavour profile.

“Unlike many other beers, Gold Label Pale Ale is hopped twice during the 4-5 week long brewing process; in the brewhouse and later in the fermentation tank during the maturation stage where special aroma hops are added to give this beer its distinct flavour and aroma. This late hop addition process is referred to as Dry Hopping in the brewing industry.”

The overall result is an innovative combination of the hoppy basic notes with exclusively fruity characteristics.  Dominant hints of apricot, passion fruit and red berries, coupled with a touch of grapefruit, complement a very pleasant malt character with hints of biscuit flavour in the after taste.

“We are extremely proud of this new worthy addition to the Classic Brews range as well as the team work that has gone into creating a beer with a perfect pale ale taste and with unique and distinguishable characteristics that make it stand out from other ales on the market,” said Mr Karl Bondin, Brand Manager – Beers.

“Gold Label Pale Ale is a tribute to all the Farsons employees who have contributed to the company’s successful 90-year journey,” concluded Mr Caruana.

Farsons Gold Label Pale Ale is packaged in 330ml bespoke one-way amber glass bottles.

The Farsons Classic Brews range also includes Blue Label Amber Ale, Double Red Strong Ale and India Pale Ale.