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Farsons Group participates in JAYE – Leaders for a Day 9/17/2018

Farsons Group participates in JAYE – Leaders for a Day

Farsons Group believes in supporting talent, students and keen individuals who are eager to learn by providing the opportunity to drive them forward on their career paths. In line with this belief, the Group participated in the JAYE – Leaders for a Day programme, held on 5th September. Jake Zahra shadowed Burger King Franchise Manager, Ivan Cardona, for the day.

The Leaders for a Day initiative offers young and aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to shadow a senior management member at a leading Maltese company. This is one of nine programmes and initiatives delivered by JAYE Malta Foundation, that target young people from 7 to 30 years of age, all designed with the purpose of ‘Inspiring Young Minds’ through entrepreneurship education.

Farsons deems this initiative to be a great learning opportunity for students to acquire invaluable knowledge on what goes on in terms of daily business responsibilities. While this only offers a glimpse into what is needed to run a successful business, the JAYE – Leaders for a Day programme provides students with an understanding of the coordination, collaboration, ambition and hard work required to succeed, also teaching them values including teamwork, integrity, respect, dynamism and excellence, all of which are part of our daily working culture.

The participant’s feedback speaks for itself, Jake Zahra said that, “It was an unforgettable experience in which I gained new insight into what it takes to run a successful business. It was also an inspiration for the future as I now have a much clearer picture of what I would like my company to represent.”

Meanwhile, in line the company’s belief in supporting others, Mr Ivan Cardona commented, “I am pleased that I was given the opportunity to participate in this programme and was proud to represent our company and my brand in such an initiative. The experience was positive, especially since we provided Jake with insight on what a typical day entails from a leader’s perspective, highlighting the importance of teamwork and communication between the different departments within an organisation, as well as the importance we, as a company, give to the development and growth of our people. He was impressed by the complexity of our operation and how many standards and procedures we must follow to serve a high-quality product.”