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Farsons Group launches Change4Life Week for employees 10/24/2016

Following last year’s successful Wellbeing Week organized by Farsons Group for its employees, the company has taken it further this year and branded the event to Change4Life incorporating several physical activity sessions, informative presentations on various subjects and other events.

Change4Life starts today the 24th October and runs till Friday 28th October and all employees are invited to attend talks by health professionals on various subjects such as breast screening, the benefits of sleep, testicular health, building emotional resilience, oral and dental health and healthy eating for adults as well as infants and young children. Daily fitness sessions are also being organized after work hours specifically for employees at the nearby Niumee Concept Esthetique.

Paragon Europe’s Bike2Work initiative is also being promoted to all employees and participation is actively being encouraged. Bike2Work is led by the European Cyclists’ Federation and it is an EU co-funded project aimed at encouraging a modal shift from motorised commuting to cycling, addressing both employers and employees.

“We believe that any individual can improve their fitness levels and perhaps a little help or push is all that is needed. Even though fitness is achieved through measured and consistent input, this programme may be the kick-start that any of our employees may require to take up a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families,” commented Mr John Attard, Employee Relations and Security Manager at Farsons. “In addition to promoting the general wellbeing of our workforce, we are also aiming at optimizing minds at work and to further support our employees feel empowered to take on work challenges and to act in a positive way.”

Employees are also being offered the influenza jab at Farsons free of charge through the Health Promotion Unit.

Change4Life week has an outreach element that will entail commitment from participants to embark on a weight management programme and follow up smoking cessation sessions in January 2017.