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Farsons Group expands its beer portfolio 7/23/2018

Farsons Group expands its beer portfolio

Farsons Group has extended its beer portfolio with the addition of Belgian abbey beers, Grimbergen, French premium beer, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc and non-alcoholic Carlsberg 0.0% from Denmark.

Grimbergen beer was originally made by Norbertine monks in an abbey founded by Saint Norbert of Xanten in 1128 in the Belgian town of Grimbergen. The monks were famous for providing hospitality and their home-brewed beer to visitors. They reputedly handed down the recipe over the centuries. Brewing in the abbey stopped when French invaders closed down the monastery at the end of the 18th century.

Beers in the range include Grimbergen Blonde, a smooth, blonde ale with ripe yellow fruit flavours, a spicy note of clove and a dense, cream-coloured foam with an ABV of 6.7%, Grimbergen Blanche, a light yellow Belgian-style white beer with smooth, creamy foam and the refreshing flavours of yellow fruits, citrus, cloves, coriander and bergamot with an ABV of 6% and Grimbergen Double-Ambrée, dark-coloured ale with the bittersweet flavours of caramel and dried plums, made from double-fermented hops and malts with an ABV of 6.5%.

Kronenbourg 1664 is the most sold French beer in the world and the market leader for high-end premium beers. It was named after the year the Hatt family, founders of Kronenbourg, first started commercial brewing. Kronenbourg is the fifth oldest beer brand in the world that still exists today. Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc is a premium wheat beer with a delicate taste of citrus fruits and coriander spice. Brewed with a light French touch, 1664 Blanc has subtle aromas and a beautiful haziness with an ABV of 5%.

Carlsberg 0.0% is a non-alcoholic beer from Danish beer brand Carlsberg. It is as sharp and naturally refreshing as a traditional lager, yet free of alcohol. Brewed with natural ingredients – hops, top quality malt and fresh pure water, it is brewed the same way Carlsberg Pilsner style beer is brewed, before the alcohol is gently removed. All this makes for a fresh, crisp lager with the perfect amount of hops.

Grimbergen, 1664 Blanc and Carlsberg 0.0% are available at bars, pubs and supermarkets as well as Farsonsdirect in Mriehel. They will also be available at the Farsons Beer Festival running from Thursday, 26th July to Saturday, 4th August at Ta’ Qali National Park.