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Farsons Group collaborates with MCAST 12/3/2018

Farsons Group collaborates with MCAST

Farsons Group has recently collaborated with MCAST on a co-lecturing seminar for first-year students on the BA Business Enterprise course within the Institute of Business Management and Commerce. This seminar was held on the initiative of course lecturer Thomas J. Dimech as part of a series of co-lectures that bring the industry closer to education, with the aim that students get both the academic and the industrial perspective in practice in their fields of study. 

The first co-lecture in the series focused on organisations and behaviour and included introductions on the topic by MCAST Director David Kenely and lecturers Karl Camilleri, Anthony Padovani and Carmelina Frendo. The lecture was developed and delivered by Mr Dimech and Ms Mariella Galea, L&D and Performance Manager at Farsons. Study areas included organisational structures, corporate culture, motivation theories and management and leadership styles. 

The students had the opportunity to understand the relevance of these subjects within a large company and to learn how these are developed in practice within Farsons and the manufacturing sector.

“During the lecture one could note the eagerness of students to learn from the industry perspective in practice. Farsons is always proud to collaborate with MCAST and other educational institutions, contributing towards the development of education, students and the future workforce,” said Ms Galea.