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Farsons celebrates Mr Louis A. Farrugia’s Golden Jubilee 4/22/2024

Farsons celebrates Mr Louis A. Farrugia’s Golden Jubilee

Farsons recently celebrated its Chairman’s, Mr. Louis A. Farrugia’s, Golden Jubilee and 50 Years of Service to the Farsons Group. To mark the special occasion, which was held at The Brewhouse amongst Group management, directors and family members, a dedication plaque was unveiled together with the sealing of a Time Capsule in which a mix of special Farsons heritage items were laid.

The dark, grey, concrete plaque with etched gold letters contains a pledge from Mr. Farrugia himself to “the thousands of workers who enabled the Farsons story to happen”, thanking them and the community for their constant support down the decades, while vowing to remain true to the Group’s enduring values and enterprising, creative spirit. Tributes to Mr. Farrugia were shared by Group CEO Norman Aquilina, Deputy CEO Michael Farrugia and Technical Leading Hand Neil Lofaro.

The event was also an opportunity to seal a Time Capsule, which was enclosed with a colorful assortment of Farsons special items and memorabilia. Amongst the assorted paraphernalia, compiled by curators and collection managers Martin Spiteri and Claire Barbara, were various Farsons’ publications, the entire 2024 portfolio of Farsons’ branded products, old copper printing plates, a vintage glass yard of ale and even a letter to the future written by Mr. Farrugia himself.  The 100kg concrete lid was then lifted onto the capsule, sealing the contents inside, to be reopened someday, in the distant future by the next stewards of the company.

The historic event thus celebrated the company’s past, present and future, while showing appreciation for Mr. Farrugia’s incredible 50-year leadership and commitment to the Group and his pivotal role in the successful evolution of the Farsons story.