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Farsons awarded in Malta VET Awards 3/4/2021

Farsons awarded in Malta VET Awards

Photo credit DOI – Pierre Sammut 

Simonds Farsons Cisk plc was recently awarded the Training at Work Award in the Malta VET Awards in a ceremony organised by the Ministry of Education on 23rd February.

The Malta VET Awards, a series of awards for the Vocational Learning and Training sector, were launched by the Ministry of Education in October 2020, as part of a programme of initiatives to celebrate the vocational sector.

The Training at Work Award recognises the value of professional and practical on-the-job learning practices for employees and highlights the importance of lifelong learning. The learning programme at Farsons is a comprehensive one, including technical, people and management development as well as learning on wellbeing, diversity and inclusion.

Antoinette Caruana, Group HR Manager and Company Secretary said that “the Farsons Group believes that the successful performance of the organisation is very much linked to the performance of its people and their continued development and learning at work. Developing employees and potential employees, including apprentices, to deliver sustainable and quality driven operations, to be creative, to be engaged and to adapt is a critical aspect of the Farsons Group’s mission.”