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Farsons appoints Head of Sales & Marketing 4/3/2019

Farsons appoints Head of Sales & Marketing

Susan Weenink Camilleri has been appointed Head of Sales & Marketing of Farsons with a focus to further develop synergies between sales and marketing. She will be reporting to the Farsons Group Chief Executive, Norman Aquilina.

“In her new appointment, Sue will lead and support both the marketing team which she has led as Head of Marketing and Communications since 2010 and now, also assume the leadership of our sales team. Sue will be supported by a team of managers who together will work on the desired synergies and continue to improve our performance in the very dynamic and increasingly competitive market we operate in,” said Norman Aquilina, Farsons Group Chief Executive. “Sue’s experience at Farsons where she has gained expertise in many areas of the company’s operations, places her in a good position to take on this leading role as we continue to formulate and strengthen our strategy for our beverage portfolio.”

In remarking on her new appointment, Susan Camilleri Weenink said: “I am looking forward to this next step in my career and more importantly to the opportunity of working with my committed management team and all the employees of Farsons sales and marketing team as together we aim for further growth in line with the Board’s vision for our renowned beverage portfolio including our iconic CISK and KINNIE brands.”

Susan Weenink Camilleri joined the Farsons Group in 1982, originally in the finance department where she spent the first 10 years of her career. This provided her with a solid grounding across all areas of the Farsons operation. In 1991 she joined the marketing department, eventually taking up responsibilities of brand management and spent a number of years overseeing the implementation of marketing plans of a number of brands within the company’s portfolio from both the beer and soft drinks categories until her appointment as Head of Marketing & Communications in 2010.