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Employee Engagement workshops for Farsons Group employees 5/3/2021

Employee Engagement workshops for Farsons Group employees

The Employee Engagement workshops, held annually for all Farsons Group employees, were held online this year due to the pandemic restrictions. Farsons Group considers these workshops to be a key enabler of communication and engagement amongst the employees of the Group.

The theme chosen this year was ‘Unlocking our True Strength:  Beyond Covid-19’ and the workshops  included sessions by the Group Chief Executive, Mr Norman Aquilina and Senior Management, addressing the achievements and challenges faced last year and the direction to continue moving forward with resilience in the challenging times created by the pandemic. The online seminar also included two sessions that focused on Food Safety Culture and Managing Change.

Ms Antoinette Caruana, Group HR Manager and Company Secretary, said that these workshops provided an opportunity for all the teams to be more aware of the developments and challenges the Farsons Group is facing and to recognise that the effort and contribution of each and every employee makes a real difference in delivering sustainable and quality driven operations.