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Contribute Water, Malta’s first charity water finds support from Farsons 9/19/2016

Contribute Water, Malta’s first charity water finds support from Farsons

The pioneering social enterprise Contribute Ltd has finalised an agreement with Farsons to bottle and distribute its Contribute Water, Malta’s first charity water, across the Maltese islands. Founded in 2013, by Janika, Nils and Karl Wijkmark, the young company is being supported by Farsons to further its social mission while also expanding its business.

“The agreement with Farsons is a way for us to help build our brand by becoming more local and focused on even supporting local charitable projects and initiatives,” says one of Contribute’s founders Janika Wijkmark. Conceived as a unique vehicle through which the young entrepreneurs could run a business while also doing social good, the concept rests on a donation being channelled to a charity for every bottle of water sold.”

“It is a modern way of giving money to charity while carrying out everyday purchases, socializing, or even working out. It’s just about making the right choice,” says Janika.

After three years in business the company has managed to raise a rewarding amount of money for charity and in 2015 Contribute built its own water pump in the village of Matulino in Malawi through its partnership with Pump Aid, a UK based organization, which works with rural communities in Africa and has delivered over 8,300 water and sanitation projects benefitting over 1.25 million people. This initiative helped the community of 120 inhabitants have access to clean water, making a significant difference to their lives.

Michael Farrugia, Chief Business Development Officer, commented, “We are pleased to be supporting Contribute Water and its social mission which resonates with our own core values and fits within our CSR strategy.”

With the support of Farsons, Contribute Ltd will now work on expanding its brand and concept throughout the Maltese islands, with the company also looking into potentially introducing other charity inspired products in the future.