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BURGER KING® Paola opens its doors 5/5/2021

BURGER KING® Paola opens its doors

A new BURGER KING® restaurant and Drive-Thru has opened its doors in Paola. This is the seventh BURGER KING® outlet and the brand’s second drive-thru on the island. BURGER KING® guests now have a new location to enjoy a great-tasting meal at great value.

“We are proud to present Burger King's second Drive-Thru on the island” said John Bonello Ghio, Farsons Group Head of Food Business. “Other than the Drive-Thru concept, the restaurant is also a first in many ways, boasting the brand’s new visual identity, a new design concept and a children’s play zone,” he continued.

The company is thrilled to be opening this new restaurant and expanding the BURGER KING® brand in the local market, taking the number of restaurants across Malta up to seven. Farsons Group remains fully committed and will continue to invest in the food sector – in both quick service restaurants and food importation – alongside its beverage business.

Bonello Ghio, also said, “We look forward to welcoming guests to our new restaurant in Paola to experience the great-tasting, high-quality products that have delighted BURGER KING® customers for many years.”

“With the opening of this restaurant we have formed a new team of management and crew. All staff have been meticulously trained to high standards to deliver great service and quality meals to BURGER KING® guests in accordance with franchise standards,” added Mr Ivan Cardona, Burger King Malta’s Franchise Manager.

Based in Paola, the restaurant is set on one floor and houses an indoor kid’s play area, ensuring that children are guests of honour. BURGER KING® brand’s updated restaurant design, showcases a warm, eye-catching aesthetic. The interior décor incorporates natural materials with a bright colour palette, creating a more inviting ambiance, highlighted by complementary lighting. The BURGER KING® brand is celebrated with distinctive, food-focused graphics and a variety of comfortable seating options for guests.

The building is not only aesthetically pleasing, whilst beautifying the zone, this outlet is also equipped with avant-garde kitchen equipment, making sure that the flame-grilled delicacies will be served consistently, in taste, looks and speed, flame-grilled in a safe and clean environment.

For more information visit www.burgerking.com.mt or on the BK Malta App.