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BURGER KING announces launch of Chocolate WHOPPER sandwich 3/29/2018

BURGER KING announces launch of Chocolate WHOPPER sandwich

A dream come true or an April Fool’s prank?

Did you just say, “Chocolate WHOPPER” sandwich? Those are two things people love, but in theory don’t go together. Or do they? The BURGER KING brand believes they do, and is launching a new indulgent advertising campaign that showcases a special edition of its WHOPPER sandwich made entirely with chocolate and candied ingredients.

According to the video being released today, the Chocolate WHOPPER® sandwich consists of two chocolate cake buns and a flame-grilled chocolate patty, topped with candied blood oranges, white chocolate rings, and milk chocolate leaves, garnished with raspberry syrup and vanilla frosting. Not a fan of pickles? Don't worry. You will love the chocolate in pickle shape.

The film ends with the message “Coming Soon” followed by a whispered voiceover of “Maybe.” Guests can only hope this delicacy will be available in restaurants and isn’t just an April Fools prank. Chocolate lovers will have to wait and see. Will they have it their way?

Or will they keep dreaming?

The Chocolate WHOPPER sandwich can be viewed at www.facebook.com/bkmalta.