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Aghmillu Cisk! 8/23/2021

Aghmillu Cisk!

Cisk is a brand that has been an intrinsic part of the lives, traditions, beliefs, values and characteristics of many locals and visitors to Malta & Gozo ever since its launch in 1929.

Agħmillu Cisk!  A very familiar and frequently used local phrase which, sadly however, was significantly absent in our bars, pubs and każini during the weeks and months during which most food and beverage outlets were forced to close and remain closed because of the onset of the  COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

“When working on this year’s main communication campaign for the Cisk brand, it was clear that one of the main tasks we had ahead of us was to reignite our consumers’ passion for Cisk and remind them that, for over 90 years, Cisk has always been there for them through thick and thin,” said Susan Weenink Camilleri, Head of Sales and Marketing at Simonds Farsons Cisk plc, brewers of the much-loved local beer. 

The phased and gradual reopening of the hospitality sector was matched by a phased roll-out of the main campaign, with each phase respecting, and aligning with, the gradual return to that moment when bars and każini were once again able to reopen their doors to their many loyal clients. “It seemed surreal and almost unthinkable at the time, that something which is a staple part of our local cultural life was not possible for over 8 months,” continued Ms Weenink Camilleri.

‘Start with a Cheers’ was the main tagline used in the first phase of the Cisk campaign, and this coincided with the re-opening of the restaurants and snack bars at the end of May earlier this year. It was a few weeks later that bars, każini and pubs were also given the green light to open, and finally see the return of a semblance of life in the many village squares and local favourite hotspots. At last, one could enter a bar and instruct the barman to offer a round to his or her companions, using the all familiar ‘Agħmillu Cisk’ – and this signalled the launch of the next phase of the campaign, a phase which celebrated the reopening of bars, pubs and our iconic każini.

As part of this phase of the Cisk campaign, a consumer promotion has just been launched which offers any person purchasing a promotional 8-pack of Cisk Lager 33cl cans, a voucher which entitles them to a free pint of Cisk redeemable in participating bars, pubs, każini and restaurants in Malta and Gozo.

“Whilst acknowledging that many of our loyal Cisk drinkers missed their nights out socializing with their friends and families over a pint or two at their local bar or każin, we were also very aware that our loyal trade clients went through tough times during those weeks and months when they could not open their outlets and serve their customers.” By taking the ‘Agħmillu Cisk’ on pack and offering consumers who purchase a Cisk Lager 8-pack a voucher entitling them to a free pint of Cisk Lager, we are not only giving back something to our loyal consumers, but we are also extending our on-going support to the local hospitality sector by encouraging clientele to return to their favourite outlet to claim their free pint,” said Ms Camilleri Weenink.

“We are confident that this promotion, while offering value to our loyal consumers, will also motivate them to visit their favourite outlet to claim their free pint, leading to an opportunity for additional business for trade outlets.” Terms and conditions apply.

Cisk Lager, launched in 1929, has remained faithful to its original recipe and is brewed to the highest standards using only the choicest raw materials. The Cisk portfolio is a recipient of several major international awards.