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Farsons Green Hop IPA Hoppy Ale

Farsons Green Hop IPA Hoppy Ale

An all malt India Pale Ale brewed using a Pale Ale malted barley variety to give this ale its distinctive amber colour.

Farsons Green Hop IPA is hopped using a special blend of five different hop varieties which together give this beer its characteristic and unique hoppy flavour profile. The beer is hopped twice during the 4-5 week-long brewing process, first in the Brewhouse and later in the Fermentation tank during the maturation stage where carefully selected special aroma hops are added to give this beer its distinct flavour and aroma.

In the brewing industry this late hop addition process is referred to “Dry Hopping”. The overall result is an innovative combination of the hoppy basic notes with exclusively fruity characteristics which complement a very pleasant malt character with hints of biscuit flavour in the after taste.

This modern IPA has a complex, creamy, and refined taste profile – another Farsons Classic in the making.

  • 330ml
  • Volume
  • Temperatura
    di Servizio
    Thermometer Cantina (12 - 14°C)