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Brewing Coordinator 18/05/2018

A vacancy has arisen for the position of Brewing Coordinator within the Brewing section. The chosen candidate will be responsible for the various processes that are carried out within the Brew house as well as the Process Block.

The Brewing coordinator will be mainly responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the various processes that are carried out on a daily basis are executed as planned while making sure they are performed according to established procedures and quality standards, and according to the Company’s Health & Safety standards;
  • Delegating tasks to technicians and machinists assigned to the shift rosters;
  • Ensuring adequate communication between employees in the different shifts as well as other departments when required;
  • Completing the necessary forms according to Company policies and procedures;
  • Liaising closely with the Brewing Process Leader/ Brewing Maintenance Leader regarding maintenance processes and/or testings that will be required;
  • Carrying out emergency and/or routine maintenance when required in order to ensure smoothness of the various processes; 
  • Planning and carrying out cleaning of equipment and working area when necessary;
  • Ensuring there is adequate consignment of work between one shift and another;
  • Suggesting ways of improving processes on a regular basis.


Other requirements include:

  • Good command of reading and writing skills in both English & Maltese;
  • Being Computer literate,
  • Being able to lead a team of machinists and technicians,
  • Having related experience in the mechanical/electrical field, possibly having a related academic qualification;
  • A level of flexibility and the ability to adapt and learn new machinery when required.